Join us Winter 2016 for another fun romp in the snow!

Event Overview

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2016 information will be posted in the fall.

The Quick and Powdery

The Albany Running Exchange created the Brave the Blizzard Snowshoe Race in 2005 as a fun and low-key way to introduce the sport of snowshoeing. It's open to anyone, and there is a pancake breakfast after the run!


Yep, specialized 'contraptions' that you wear over your regular running shoes to give you added traction when running on snow. There are many different kinds - and we've got some for you to rent if you don't have your own!

Did you say pancakes!?

We sure did! And we've got all kinds for you. From plain to filled with all types of berries, chocolate, and everything in between - so come hungry! There will also be assorted beverages and other baked goods.

How do I sign up?

Click the "Register Now" button above to get registered. It's $10 if you register before 2/15 and $20 after that, including on race day. We've also got snowshoes available for a $5 rental fee; which can be reserved online during registration.